Trip true the desert


Shape – My own

Skin and Wowmeh applier – Al Vulo groupgift

Eyes – Mayfly > Luminous Mesh Eye

Lips – The Skinnery

Ears – The Skinnery > Puki Ears

Hair – Illmatic > Frenchie – take the taxi as not in the mainstore

Headwrap – Artizana > Barika

Necklace – Aisling > Fangarth ( Gacha)

Pauldrons – ieQED > Stag Pauldrons

Bracelets –  Mandara > Takara Bangle

Top (Wowmeh Applier( – {Vivi} >  Brandy orange (Marketplace)

Shirt – Velvet Whip > Leaf red essence ( 30L saturday)

Pants – Coquet > Bow Gauchos ( Currently 50L)

Vest – Peqe > Frilly Evil

Sandals – Pure Poison > Tina Sandals ( group gift)

With thanks to Peace, Kids leader from Tarinfell who gave me the inspiration.




A new Fantasy Roleplay sim will soon open it’s door.

The Land of Tarinfell, full with Elves, Fae, Humans and many other fantasy beeings.

What i am wearing:

Shape – My own

Skin –  Al Vulo

Body – Wowmeh (atm not available, creator is working on an improved update)

Hair – Lelutka > Rykiel

Horns – Half Deer

Eyes – Mayfly

Top – C’est la vie > Halterneck tops tribal

Vest –  C’est la vie > Fur vest

Skirt –  C’est la vie > Nelly Pocket Maxi

Hip Scarf – Mimikri > Renee tuscany ( soon available again)

Belt – Severed Garden > Part of Agiz

Head band & Necklace – Luas > Part of Mistica

Upper arm bangles – Soedara > Part of Atikamekw

Lower Arm Bangles – Mandala > Takara Bangle Dark Wood

Hooves –  Stinky Kitty > Faun Leg

Flowerly Day


GO! has some amazing group gifts out, i am wearing Viki, a casual outfit.

The group costs 50L to join, but that’s absolutly worth it

Take the ride to GO! store.

Other things i am wearing:

Eyes – AG. Impressive Eyes ( Free on Marketplace)

Skin –  Al Vulo

Hair – Lelutka > Rykiel

Horns – Aisling > Etchalvi ( Past gacha item, gacha available instore)

Ears – Trap > Gelf Ears

Hooves – Stinky Kitty

Wreaths ( one adjusted for waist) – Caverna Obscura

Shoulder Flowers – Caverna Obscure (Part of Flutter Tunic)

Arm Ribbons –  Caverna Obscura

Starry Night

moonlight2_001 moonlight4_001

Starry starry night

Paint your palet blue and grey
look out on a summer’s day
with eyes that know the darkness in my soul

Shadows on the hills

Sketch the trees and the daffodiles
catch the breeze and the winter chills
in colours on the snowy linen land

Now I understand
what you tried to say to me
and how you suffered for your sanity
and how you tried to set them free
they would not listen they did not know how
perhaps they’ll listen now.

Starry starry night

Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
swirling clouds in violet haze
reflect in Vincent’s eyes of china blue
colours changing hue
morning fields of amber grain
weathered faces lined in pain
are soothed beneath the artist’s loving hand

What i am wearing:

Shape – My own

Skin – Wow Skins >Rosa Sunkissed ( Right now only 100L till 15th of June, so hurry)

Body – Wowmeh

Skinapplier – Wow Skins > Rosa ( Now only 50L. till 15th of June so hurry)

Hair – OakLeaf Hair  > Faun Hair

Eyes – Mayfly

Ears – Trap > Gelf Ears

Hooves – Stinky Kitty

Dress – {UFO} > Neck ruffle maxi dress ( Collabor88)

Brances & shrooms –  Caverna Obscura > Part of Fungalia Outfit ( Partialy edited for crown)


Taxi to Wow Skins Store

The Huntress



Huntress of the Night

Oh how you prey
beautiful huntress of the night
seducing your next fix
quenching your thirst with every bite.

Draining away their vitality
lips tarnished with crimson copper red
engorged in a bloody motion
off them you mercilessly fed.

Not fazed by winters bleak moan
nor returning home till your hungers met
Treading the starless night alone
beauty disolved in sillouete.

What i am wearing:

Hair –  Truth, Sakura

Skin – Pink Fuel

Ears – Trap, Gelf Ears

Horns – The Platik , Arachzis Horns

Dress – Luas, Amazonia (Tales of Fantasy Gacha)

Necklace –  Aisling , Gaia (Past Gacha)

Upper Arms – Aisling, Eunice ( Tales of Fantasy Gacha)

Bracers, Shoulders, Belt – Luas, Amazonia (Tales of Fantasy Gacha Rare)

Hooves – Stinky Kitty

Bow & Quiver – LR Weapons , Agiz


Ready For Battle

Ready Forr Battle2_001

Ready Forr Battle3_001

We ♥ Roleplay is open and there are some great goodies to be found for sweet prices.

What i am wearing:

Hair – Wasabi, Izumi

Ears – Trap, Gelf Ears

Horns – The Plastic , Arachzis Horns

Skin -Pink Fuel, Harley

Eyes – Mayfly

Body – Wowmeh

Hooves – Stinky Kitty

Dress – Pixycat , Ornate Dress ( We ♥ Loveplay)

Collar – The Forge , Eldar Collar ( We ♥ Roleplay)

Following items are from Aisling, Fangarth Gacha

Necklace – Shoulders- Bracers – Headdress – Sceptre



I’d like my words to flow
To easily let go
Step outside and know
That everything I did was one
Movement closer to eternal happiness
If everything made sense
A Life full of bliss

Hair – Red(mint)  , Hair No 11

Horns – [Plastik] , Arachzis Horns

Ears – TRAP , Gelf Ears

Necklace , Shoulders & Arm –  Aisling , Fangarth ( past gacha)

Undershirt – Red(Mint),  Blissdress

Shirt – Red(Mint),  Lacetop

Skirt – Emery, lola Skirt

Belt no 1 – Ingenue, Bertille Belt

Belt no 2 -PFC , Role Belt Voodoo (Past Gacha)

Legpouch – The Forge (Past Gacha)

Hooves – Stinky Kitty , Faun Leg


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